What to wear???

Every year, this is a popular question when getting senior portraits done. What do I wear. Here at Tim Barron Seniors, I say bring as many outfits as you like and when we get together for your shoot we will make a team decision in what outfits are best. Team… huh???   Yep, I think that it is so important to great photos that you, your parents, and I work cooperatively… No idea is discounted. Normally, I like to give respect to your parents and let them decide on at least one outfit. that is usually the first outfit we shoot in.. So be sure to include an outfit that Mom and Dad really love. I like to call that outfit the Parent Pleaser…. We then will want at least one outfit that screams “YOU”… I then look for an outfit that is bright and colorful that will jump of the page. I love colors and love vivid images..

Check out these links for stuff that I am looking at for todays fashions. These are the places I get my inspiration for a lot of my work.




Hollister Co.