What makes me do what I do

I just finished my homework and it was very thought provoking.  I read an article about Oprah and her rise from a troubled youth to one of the world’s most well known media personalities.  One analyst stated Oprah was not in “business of business” she was in “business of soothing souls”.  This got me to thinking about my own passions and my own life..

I am not in the business of photography, I am the business of emotions. Well, Tim, what does that mean???  Once I create an image of you and we see the final edit it must evoke an emotion, it must make you smile, laugh, giggle, cry.  That is what makes me do what I do….

Creating visual pieces that can be shared and admired for years. Memories that can be passed down from generation to generation.  You have to accept that you, no matter how much we try, will not be around forever…   So, capturing those moments today are so important…  and we must actually print those memories…  Why prints?  Let’s think back roughly to 1983…. That maybe before some of you where born but hang in there and I will ge to my point…  In 1983, we had the invention of this magical round flat disc to store files on and even before that we had floppy discs…  So, what is my point… Technology is changing at such an amazing rate… One item in photography has not changed in about 150 years…. The printed photograph…. check this link out for more info on the first

photo…. first photo

when technology fails us, we  want something to remember our family by… I document my kids growing and I always print out some photos just to hang onto because…  in fact, I print a special album at the end of the year… Why??? a hard drive may crash, a disc may become corrupt, a thumb drive may get lost.. or various other things can happen to our digital media… and those image will be gone forever… I say print some….  The threat of fire or some other natural disaster is far less probable than digital media failing us…


Just my thoughts for today….