the Crew2 Application

If you want to be part of the fastest growing, most innovative, senior photography it is time to experience the difference.  Leave your mark,  Last years Crew was amazing and this year plans to be even better.  This year I am opening the model team up to all high school grades 10-12.  Current Freshman and up!  This is my third year with a model team and I have discovered that our on location shoots are so much fun that we must offer it to all the classes.  Senior Crew members can possibly get their whole senior portrait package for free.  Multiple shooting opportunities throughout the year.  Your face on Tim Barron Photography marketing material.  and many more benefits from being a Crew member.  Oh, did I metnion your personal iphone app with your images and cash for every referral, what!

I have strict marching orders when I am photographing teens.

1.  Produce images that look like you just stepped out of the cover of a magazine.

2.  Just be awesome.

3.  I forget, refer to #2.

If this is something that  you think you could get on board with.


Apply today.