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  Tim Barron Photography is in existence to be a game changer. It is my number one goal to make a professional photo shoot experience much more than what is expected from a traditional photography studio. I do this by providing the latest in lighting and “un”posing techniques, as well as an outright refusal to blend in.


My vision was developed out of a love of photography and not accepting the traditional portrait experience to be “good enough”.  This is not your dad’s portrait experience and it never will be.  I am committed to the art and evolution of photography.  I am always on the cutting edge of new and developing technologies related to photography.


Tim Barron Photography is a leader in professional photographic techniques, from lighting, to customer service. Leaders are always evolving and refuse to accept the norm.  Leaders create the new normal.

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It is my passion to replace all doubt and guide your through your experience from our first consultation until I give you a big hug after placing your art piece on your wall.